Stuck Between the Lines

This is why I have taken my proverbial pen in hand and typed for the world the meandering thoughts of this conflicted man. Perhaps the reason this event consumes my heart so is that maybe I am not the only one who feels trapped in the middle of the road.For as I drove past that mashed bundle of blood, fur, and bones, that meant nothing more to others than another community nuisance disposed of. Now a forgotten history of a long lost quarry it seems. Tales held now only in memories: of Big Dan, Little Ann, and the bawling coon-hound echoing by the stream. ~ sigh ~ But, I digress. For here lies the sight...

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God Within the Ordinary

Plans and goals are an integral part of our lives. However, as we wrestle with scarcity in our lives, we must reign in our focus and concentrate on the single step before us, then move one step at a time, moving with intention and perseverance.

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Real Life Ordinary

"When you come to a fork in the road, take it." Sometimes indecision can be the worst decision. God goes with us not matter what choice we make.

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Monday Morning Meditations V.1

Every follower of Jesus Christ is called to influence the world around them. We are ambassadors of Christ and God's missionaries in the world. Who are you called to mentor this week? Who is your primary mission field going to be?

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Relational Land Mines

Forgiveness and Reconciliation are two of the most challenging spiritual practices we face as Christ followers. Regardless, we are still called to forgive and charged to work toward reconciliation.

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Relational Building Blocks

If we are going to build and maintain healthy Christian relationships with others, we must know the tools of the trade. Healthy relationships take work, commitment, and investment if they are to thrive.

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“Message:” Enduring Faith

Recently, I had the opportunity to volunteer at Victory Vacation Bible School at Redeemer UMC where I am a pastor.  What an amazing experience.  Some 275 children and youth, plus teachers, leaders and volunteers, filled the facility.  There was so much energy and excitement, it was absolutely amazing. I served as a story teller, and... Continue Reading →

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